7c11248 Bug 750622 - Fix Coverity (11104) Resource leak:

1 file Authored by Noriko Hosoi 8 years ago , Committed by rmeggins 8 years ago ,
    Bug 750622 - Fix Coverity (11104) Resource leak:
                 ids_sasl_user_to_entry (slapd/saslbind.c)
    Bug Description: sasl_map_domap allocates strings for "base" and
    "filter" in it; the caller ids_sasl_user_to_entry releases them
    only when the function returns non-0 regexmatch (matched), but
    even if the return value is 0 (did not match), the strings are
    Fix Description: underlying function sasl_map_check frees "base"
    and "filter" if mapping did not match.
    (cherry picked from commit 6af5ece3ca029271f2b2180c24bad546e2d64c45)