6a21e8e Trac Ticket #412 - memberof performance enhancement

Authored and Committed by nhosoi 10 years ago
    Trac Ticket #412 - memberof performance enhancement
    Fix description:
    memberof.c: replaced DN strings with Slapi_DN and set the
    normalized info to Slapi_Value flags.  It reduces the number
    of slaip_dn_normalize_ext call by ~25%.
    attr.c, slapi-plugin.h: introduced a new API slapi_attr_
    value_cmp_ext which takes Slapi_Value instead of struct
    berval.  By replacing with Slapi_Value, the value flag
    (e.g., normalized info) can be passed to the syntax plugin.
    value.c: changed slapi_value_compare to call slapi_attr_
    value_cmp_ext instead of slapi_attr_value_cmp.
file modified
+53 -16
file modified
+4 -4