55ff5cf Ticket 47401 - report unindexed internal searches

Authored and Committed by mreynolds 8 years ago
    Ticket 47401 - report unindexed internal searches
    Bug Description:  Internal search operations that are unindexed are not logged.  By
                      default plugins do not log their operations, even if access log level
                      is set to record internal operations - unless the undocumented config
                      attribute "nsslapd-logAccess: on" is set in each plugin config entry.
    Fix Description:  Record the unindexed search in the error log, if access logging is not
                      recording internal operations.  Also, a new config attribute was added
                      to cn=config:
                         nsslapd-plugin-logging: on|off
                      When set to on, it turns on logging for all plugin internal operations.
    Reviewed by: nhosoi(Thanks!)
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