49ac334 Ticket 49017 - Various minor test failures

Authored and Committed by William Brown 4 years ago
    Ticket 49017 - Various minor test failures
    Bug Description:
    There were a number of tests failing on my system:
    * pwdPolicy
    * range_search
    * basic
    The source of the issues:
    * basis test didn't isolate tests from each other so a test failure with SNMP agent caused other DSE tests to fail
    * range_search was not detecting presence of valgrind previously.
    * range_search was logging an error for NSS that was misformated
    * range_search was not chmodding the correct cert9,key4 and pkcs11 files
    * pwdPolicy was not using the correct paths for sbin
    Fix Description:
    * Add better isolation to basic test
    * Fix the NSS log format in ssl.c
    * Fix the chmod for the new NSS db format
    * Update the pwdPolicy test to correctly use the sbin paths
    Author: wibrown
    Review by: mreynolds (Thanks!)
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