45e9bcc Trac Ticket #359 - Database RUV could mismatch the one

Authored and Committed by Noriko Hosoi 7 years ago
    Trac Ticket #359 - Database RUV could mismatch the one
        in changelog under the stress
    Fix Description:
    . Fix for llistRemoveCurrentAndGetNext (llist.c) in commit
      f92f3a6e91498770aa8e93b6842ba752d4ed279a was not correct.
    . Undo the changes made in ldbm_back_add, ldbm_back_modrdn
      (ldbm_add.c, ldbm_modrdn.c) in commit
    . urp.c: In the original design, if op_result is LDA_SUCCESS and
      the return code is -1, the operation is skipped, but the max
      csn is updated in RUV.  Currently, we have no way to do so.
      This patch eliminates the cases: 2 in urp_add_operation and 1
      in urp_modrdn_operation are now LDAP_UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM; 1 in
      urp_modrdn_operation (the existing entry is the same as the
      target one) returns 0.
    (cherry picked from commit 2bead40718b7729df9435c44ab11f796d76848bf)