33fbced Ticket 50260 - Invalid cache flushing improvements

Authored and Committed by mreynolds 7 months ago
    Ticket 50260 - Invalid cache flushing improvements
    Description:  The original version of the fix only checked if backend
                  transaction "post" operation plugins failed, but it did
                  not check for errors from the backend transaction "pre"
                  operation plugin.  To address this we flush invalid
                  entries whenever any error occurs.
                  We were also not flushing invalid cache entries when
                  modrdn errors occurred.  Modrdns only make changes to
                  the DN hashtable inside the entry cache, but we were only
                  checking the ID hashtable.  So we also need to check the
                  DN hashtable in the entry cache for invalid entries.
    Reviewed by: firstyear & tbordaz(Thanks!!)