2625323 Ticket 47509 - CLEANALLRUV doesnt run across all replicas

Authored and Committed by mreynolds 8 years ago
    Ticket 47509 - CLEANALLRUV doesnt run across all replicas
    Bug Description:  If one of the replicas in the environment is older and does not support
                      cleanallruv, then this would cause the cleanallruv task to never complete.
    Fix Description:  Several issues are addressed with this fix:
    	- Corrected error handling of replicas that do not support cleanallruv(prevent task hanging)
    	- Created helper function to get local maxcsn:  replica_cleanallruv_get_local_maxcsn().
              This code was taken from the extended op "multimaster_extop_cleanruv_get_maxcsn".
    	- Improved replica_cleanallruv_find_maxcsn() to also include the local maxcsn, and not just the remote replicas.
    	- Improved abort task processing.  Abort task now waits for the cleanallruv task to be aborted before continuing.
    	- Improved task configuration cleanup.  Removed places where the config attribute value was manually created.
              Now we search for the exact value to delete.
    Reviewed by: richm(Thanks!!)