203db29 Coverity fixes - 12023, 12024, and 12025

3 files Authored by nhosoi 5 years ago , Committed by rmeggins 5 years ago ,
    Coverity fixes - 12023, 12024, and 12025
    . 12023 - Ignoring number of bytes read
      basicInit (ldclt.c):
      The return value from fread was ignored and not used for copying
      the read content from buffer to mctx.attrplFileContent.
    . 12024 - Resource leak
      roles_cache_create_object_from_entry (roles_cache.c):
      When an error occurred, filter_attr_value was not freed.
    . 12025 - Wrong sizeof argument
      read_metadata (dblayer.c):
      prfinfo is declared as PRFileInfo64, but when initializing the
      structure with NULL, the specified size was for PRFileInfo.
    Reviewed by rmeggins (Thank you, Rich!!)
    (cherry picked from commit f702868012ac1f9deb1cb92d51cdfd793353e836)
    (cherry picked from commit 99f7b65e4bd35ce5d2c24a05178cfca4a44645db)