1e52401 Ticket #47649 - Server hangs in cos_cache when adding a user entry

Authored and Committed by nhosoi 7 years ago
    Ticket #47649 - Server hangs in cos_cache when adding a user entry
    Bug description: cos_dn_defs_cb reads cosDefinition and sets up the cos
    Definition part of cos cache.  In the function, when processing
    cosAttribute, cosTargetTree and cosTemlpateDn are missing, it sets the
    parent dn of the cos definition dn.  This parent setting is needed only
    when the 2 attributes are completely missing from the cos definition.
    But if the attributes are located below cosAttribute (see the Example
    cos definition), in addition to "cn=cosTemplates,ou=people,dc=example,
    dc=com", the parent of "cn=generatePostalCode,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com"
    is added to the cos cache as cosTemplateDn.
      Example cos definition:
        dn: cn=generatePostalCode,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com
        description: generate postalCode attr based on location
        objectClass: top
        objectClass: ldapsubentry
        objectClass: cossuperdefinition
        objectClass: cosClassicDefinition
        cosAttribute: postalCode
        costemplatedn: cn=cosTemplates,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com
        cosSpecifier: l
        cn: generatePostalCode
    The mistakenly added cosTemplatedDn makes adding an entry under ou=People
    notify recreating the cos cache.  The notification needs to be outside of
    backend transaction since it causes a deadlock with the cos_cache_wait_
    on_change thread which cannot read the DB due to the transaction but holds
    the lock that the notifier thread is waiting for.
    Fix description: The parent of the cos definition dn is set to the
    cosTargetTree and the cosTemlpateDn, only when the attributes are
    completely missing.
    Reviewed by rmeggins@redhat.com (Thank you, Rich!!)