19af1af Ticket #47989 - Windows Sync accidentally cleared raw_entry

Authored and Committed by nhosoi 6 years ago
    Ticket #47989 - Windows Sync accidentally cleared raw_entry
    Description: raw_entry in the private area in Windows Agreement stores
    raw_entry that is un-schema processed last entry read from AD.
    The pointer was cleared before it is being accessed by the Plug-ins that
    call Windows Sync API, e.g., Posix Sync.  The bug was introduced by
    commit f6397113666f06848412bb12f754f04258cfa5fa.
    This patch removed the raw_entry cleanup code in windows_search_entry_ext.
    And in case the raw_entry is NULL, pass remote_entry for the AD entry.
    Reviewed by mreynolds@redhat.com (Thank you, Mark!!)
    (cherry picked from commit 3305a6b849f79a9684799bec4cc155c7147daea6)
    (cherry picked from commit f6d8b2ec3dee5760826892f522c0f1e1989f9fcb)