14bc6ce Ticket #48854 - Running db2index with no options breaks replication

Authored and Committed by nhosoi 4 years ago
    Ticket #48854 - Running db2index with no options breaks replication
    Bug Description: It was a bug in import_foreman which was not adjusted
    when the backend RUV entry was redesigned.  The backend RUV entry has
    no parent entry by nature.  But import-forman mistakenly skipped to
    handle the entry.  If the 'db2index' command line is executed on a
    consumer, this error message is logged.
    error log on a consumer:
     reindex userRoot: WARNING: Skipping entry "nsuniqueid=ffffffff-ffffffff-
     ffffffff-ffffffff" which has no parent, ending at line 18 of file "id2entry.db"
     reindex userRoot: WARNING: bad entry: ID 18
    Due to this skip, the RUV entry is not found at the following start up
    and a new RUV is generated by the MMR plugin. And the supplier finds the
    generation ID mismatch.
    error log on a supplier:
     NSMMReplicationPlugin - agmt="cn=0_1" (HOST:PORT): The remote replica
     has a different database generation ID than the local database.  You
     may have to reinitialize the remote replica, or the local replica.
    Fix Description: Even if there is no parent entry, do not skip the RUV
    entry as done for the suffix entry.
    Reviewed by wibrown@redhat.com (Thank you, William!)
    (cherry picked from commit ba3b8442abd4bd558d5467b07880d1c89613df9a)