1448415 Ticket 49967 - entry cache corruption after failed MODRDN

1 file Authored by tbordaz 11 months ago , Committed by mreynolds 11 months ago ,
    Ticket 49967 - entry cache corruption after failed MODRDN
    Bug Description:
    	During a MODRDN the DN cache is updated to replace
    	source DN with the target DN (modrdn_rename_entry_update_indexes)
    	If later a failure occurs (for example if BETXN_POSTOP fails) and
    	the txn is aborted, the target DN (for the specific entryID) remains
    	in the DN cache.
    	If the entry is returned in a search, to build the DN there is
    	a lookup of the DN cache with the entryID. It retrieves the target DN
    	rather than the source DN
    Fix Description:
    	In case of failure of the operation, the entry (from the entryID)
    	need to be cleared from the DN cache
    Reviewed by: Mark Reynolds
    Platforms tested: F27
    Flag Day: no
    Doc impact: no
    (cherry picked from commit ab4af68ef49fcdc5f2f6d0c1f5c7b9a5333b1bee)
    (cherry picked from commit 0a2cc3bdb266dc9e88900b1851f119157cae2df6)